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Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Dear Colleagues,
Our company which started with construction work in 1974, became a Group which operates worldwide, thanks to your work support. I had a dream. While writing down this message to you, who made my dream come true that I remember our past. What does create a long-standing history? Belief. Doku Group is a story of belief.

The advice that I will give you is that keep your goals high. Benefit from technology while moving forward to your goal with strong steps. Do not forget that the time of ours is the information age. While getting stronger in every field we operate, do not forget that the only strength is knowledge. Success is not a coincidence. Your knowledge, diligence and the meticulous approach to your work are the keys to success. Working, being determined, and following the latest developments that are what you should take into consideration. With these aspects, profit will come in any case.

Put quality on top of everything in business life. Work hard to keep it on top. Providing employment is not easy. I consider your families like my own family. Thank you all for working day and night and always taking Doku Group much further.

Chairman of the Board