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Doku Group, which started its commercial life in 1974, continues to contribute to the Turkish economy in the construction, industry, and energy sectors. As a global company group, it has been increasingly focusing on its activities in different continents in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, as well as its activities spread over many cities of Turkey.

With its long-established corporate culture, experienced human resource and equipment pool, Doku Construction Company, which has made substantial contributions to Turkish construction and contracting industries, and which have excellent references in its field of activity, has furnished Turkey with modern facilities by successfully completing various important projects such as school, hospital, penitentiary, exhibition building, industrial building, and luxury residential projects.

Doku Group established Alkom Aluminum Company in 2003, which operates in the field of facade systems to expand the field of construction projects. With the demand arising from the quality of the products; Doku Group established Alkor Aluminum Company with an aluminum profile production facility to fill a gap in the aluminum profile industry. Alkor Aluminum Solar Energy Company, which operates in the field of energy, was established in 2008.

Doku Group is an organization placing importance on ethical values, human beings, and environment in addition to making contribution to development of the country. The group keeps progressing in the direction of sustainable success. In this contend, the group is honored of being open to modern developments while preserving its reliability to the traditions as always it does.